BadgeMaker 4400 Card Software - Installing and Registering

  1. The first step is to download the application, If you click on the link below it will take you to the Technical Download area:

    Download BadgeMaker 4400

    Click on BadgeMaker Classic 4400

    Download and then Run.

    When installed it will insert a shortcut on to your desktop.


  2. Double click icon to start BadgeMaker

     It will then ask if you wish to register the software.

    Click Yes​

    ​This will take you to the online registration page


  3. ​Click on the blue text to open registration web page​

    You should now register your software:

    Copy and paste the software activation code which was emailed to you - where indicated


    ​Complete the rest of the form and submit:


  4. You will then receive your registration code in an email similar to below:

    Dear Firstname Lastname,

    We thank you for registering your software.

    Your Badgemaker 4400 registration details are:
    User name: XXXXXX
    Hardware ID: XXXX-XXXX

    Use the details as displayed above for logging into the software.
    For information or support you can contact us at

    Kind regards,
    Badgemaker Registration Service


  5. Copy and paste as indicated your company name exactly as on the email and the code provided. You will now have full ​access and can create a new project.

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